slowCooker series 4

Slow Life

Simulations of Nature Using Simple Algorithms

We are Genetic Moo and we will be running a creative coding workshop for up to 10 people for two days in January. Participants will learn basic coding techniques and how they can be used to make art.

On day one, we will teach you how to write your own simple computer programs in the Processing language. You will learn how to simulate slow life forms. Your inspiration will be a coral reef with its cycles of behaviour and changes of pattern, shape and colour. You will learn how to add simple sound into your programs using an audio library. By the end of the workshop you will have developed your own generative art work.

On day two, we will project all the programs onto a shared wall in a public gallery. They will be framed by an interactive art work by Genetic Moo which will change in response to the outputs from the individual programs. In this way we will create a living and unpredictable ecosystem created by all the participants.

This show will be free and open to the public for a couple of hours.

The participants will be required to bring:

  • a laptop (Windows or OSx)

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