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Subtle Listening Workshop

Ear Training for Sound Artists

Subtle Listening is a mode of listening where one's imagination is open to the sound world around them, helping their inner ear and outer world intersect. The ‘Subtle Listening’ is a one-day workshop for musicians, media artists, filmmakers, composers, producers, sound designers, etc. who want to sharpen their listening skills. The workshop uses a wide range of techniques culled from Jungian psychology, Hermetic philosophy, paradox and Buddhist mediation, as well as thirty years of my own experience as a sound artist and electro-acoustic music composer. Through guided meditation, and listening exercises, participants will learn techniques they can use any time to help heighten their sensitivity to the sounds around them.

This is a remote workshop--the artist will offer the workhop to participants through Skype.

Artist Statement

I've traveled all over the world performing my music and giving talks/workshops on various aspects of post-digital music. In my travels I've met many Digital Media students who are interested in working with audio as composers, producers or sound designers. While many musicians and sound engineer's get ear training either in school or on the job I realized at that there was no formal 'ear training' for the new breed of people working with audio. Many of the students I meet mistakenly think all they need to do is learn how to use software as a prerequisite to a professional career in audio and that any real-life skills can be picked up on the job. But what many don't realize is that having a laptop and knowing the software will not give them the edge they'll need in a competitive market place. Having had ear training both in music school and as an audio technician I have borrowed various techniques from my twenty-five years of experience and cobbled together a program designed for anyone interested in sound to help them heighten their sensitivity to their aural surroundings. This is not a New Age workshop with incense and chanting mantras but a practical, hands-on workshop for heightening ones listening skills.

What participants need for the workshop

The participants will be required to:

  • wear loose clothing for meditation practice
  • bring a notebook to use as a sketch book - must be large enough to display their work to the other participants
  • bring a pencil or pen
  • and bring a USB stick with room on it for mp3 & text files -or- these files can be downloaded via Dropbox

More info About This Workshop

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